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Friday, June 17, 2011

Dr. Seed, 68 and ready to go

Dear World- This blog post is now part of my new book so I took it down because I don't want to be a jerk and ruin it for you-
you're welcome
a preview of this awesomeness that includes a bunch of illustrations I drew all by myself
is available to download for 99 cents on Amazon by clicking here-
Beauty Tips for the Bereaved
Or you can go "like" our facebook page and read the preview for free by clicking here-

This book is not a memoir.
It's a Survival Guide.
If you woke up this morning wondering if you can make it through the day
this book will be the little paper cup of water popping up unexpectedly by the side of the road.
If you are thinking to yourself-"My life is so much more fucked than anyone else I know."
this book will show you how to dig through the wreckage and find something priceless.
If you are doing just fine, thank you, but need something to read on that long flight next week-
I will make you laugh
(even if you don't want to)
and make you cry
(sometimes that feels good too)
but I promise to give you something beautiful.
(Not to give anything away but it has a happy ending. It's currently unfolding right now.)
Because here is the thing no one tells you-
when you lose everything,
when you think you have nothing left to offer that anyone will value-
you can give the world your truth.
Dear World,
Here is my love letter to you.
Here is my story.


  1. Oh my god. This is the funniest thing I've ever read. I wonder if he's really a surgeon.

  2. I just woke up the whole Bed and Breakfast guffawing til I cried and shrieked. You as a real person and your profile are very real and amusing. Upon my return we will purchase many cats to illicit man seed for the flight of the falcons. They fly at dawn.
    Here we come Dr. S...... fertile and fantastic at forty.
    That's our new talk show wherein we banter as fertile foils.

    I miss my fertile friend.

  3. Sunny, this is pure genius. I was on Match for years, as you might recall, and corresponded with my own share of freaks. I might still have the emails; I know I kept the photos. - Will Ravenel

  4. wait one freaking second... this guy plans on performing surgery full time when he's 88... this is the trouble with health care...

    so jealous you've snagged this one all for your sexy wiccan self... enjoy!

  5. This is why you are irresistible.

    Don't worry about Skype. It's kind of like Wicca. Every time my ex calls on it, I have to call her cell phone and explain to her how Skype works.

    I love this dude, by the way.

  6. Who the hell is the young boy in his photo? Uhhh...