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Monday, March 15, 2010

There are no douchebags in Marfa

I went to a party for the Marfa Film festival last night. My music producer friend invited me-her name is Roggie Bear, which always makes me think of an animated character, Teddy Ruxpin or Yogi Bear. She is somewhat cuddly, somehow managing to be adorable and glamorous at the same time.
Marfa is a tiny town about 7 hours from Austin. All of our artists seem to be emigrating there. I've never been, and I have no intention of going, for two reasons.
1. I am tired of hearing people talk about Marfa.
2. You have to drive seven hours to get there-and then you have to camp.
I have been told that there are no hotels there.
"But what is out there that is so appealing you would drive seven hours into the desert to get there?" I asked someone.
"It's really pretty. The people are really cool."
The inside of my house is also pretty and I don't have to sleep on the ground.
But I did find myself almost swayed to go to this film festival. Everyone I met last night was so cool and down to earth, so enthusiastic about what they were doing, so excited about the movies and Marfa-so genuine and cool that I had nothing to write about.
"There is no one here to mock," I thought, sadly, looking around me. "Everyone here is cool."
It was disapointing.I had to leave.