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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Man on the Street

Who is posting lady porn on my comments? I am just glad it's a lady-or I'd be worried that Jeff was right the other night and now I have a stalker.
"Yep." he said, breathless from his walk around the neighborhood."You can definitely see through the windows."
"So what?" I asked.
"So what?? I'll bet you a hundred dollars every twelve year old boy within a ten block radius is stationed right about...there every night." He pointed out the window.
"Good.They need it-Texas has that 'abstinence only' thing in the schools right? Let's use a condom next time, it'll be a public service."
(Peeping Toms and rapists-that is a joke. Our windows now remain shuttered all the time now)
I went ahead and posted the lady porn blog-who is it? The writing is good and I feel generous today-we are going out to see a music show for South by Southwest. I don't know anything about the band we are seeing-other than they are very popular with the young folks. I don't really like going to see live music, which is unfortunate given where I live.
But yesterday my old friend and mentor Stephen Moser told me I could write part of his column in the Austin Chronicle-a "man on the street" thing for South by Southwest. His column is a very big deal here-everyone I know reads it. His writing is hilarious, the kind of snarky, fabulous gay friend that every straight woman longs for.
I'm kind of thrilled and slightly intimidated, but I know I can muster up enough "bitchy" to contribute to his column.
So out we go-down into the throngs of intruders that have filled up my city for the week, talking in their weird accents and looking snotty at me when I try to pull an illegal left turn. Hey! I live here.


  1. Littoral Realm blog ---Regarding my last post...I was just speaking on a subject that is a taboo. All of the things that may go on in my head that is unheard of to speak about, at least not as normal of a topic. The things that are hidden and secret from the outside world, the things people dare not speak of (see first post). And if you see it as porn, ha, well I hope at least it was fun and interesting!

  2. That is awesome Sunny! Good luck on the article.