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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Give my jacket back bitch

I can't post the photos of what came next, the police might consider that to be "evidence", but I will say this-if your arms are weak from too much time spent holding up your crackpipe and your legs are shaky from a recent gangbang don't wear three inch heels to catfight with me. She went down like tranquilized wildebeast in an age-innapropriate outfit. The jacket is mine once again.


  1. Ugly jacket!
    A little blood would bring that 70's avocado green color to a muddy brown allow others to actually listen to you while you talk and not be too distracted by that COLOR.
    Oh yeah - I get it - You want to blend in with the RubyPuke residue.
    By the way who is that "Demon Blogger" doing the Tonya Harding imitation?

  2. Your other post disappeared...anyway, here was my comment:
    Ok, here's my story. I got an undergraduate degree in writing. I thought I had skills. But no one would hire me. So, I took more classes, ended up getting a graduate degree in writing, and now work as a full-time writer. The reason no one would hire me before? I didn't have enough knowledge or passion about writing back then. I only "dabbled" as a writer. I didn't give up everything else to only focus on writing. And that's what you have to do. You have to live, breathe, and poop writing. You have to know each grammar rule in and out. You have to agonize about every word you put on the page. I know that now. I do that now. And now I get work!

  3. Thanks, anonymous-that's an accomplishment. I took that other post down to edit it-I'll put it back up in a bit. Good advice, and good story.Needed it.Still trying to decide if I want to be a writer or "live, brethe and poop" military sharpshooting. only time will tell.