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Friday, January 9, 2009

So yesterday I had a tooth pulled. In the continuing drama called," I didn't go to the dentist for eight years" I have had a series of root canals, two teeth pulled and some exciting oral surgery. They actually cut into my gum and sewed it up.
I hate hate hate the dentist. I'm not unique in that sentiment, of course. No one thinks it's fun to go have a stranger scrape your teeth with a long sharp metal stick and then tell you how many cavities you have. My dental experience was tolerable in the past because my dentist had a nose like a swollen tuber and extreme roseaca, so very unnactractive that I could still feel superior even as he was digging with his metal hook into my mouth full of decayed teeth.
Now it seems, by chance, I have hit some association of attractive male dentists. The hottie dentist referred me to the nerdy but handso0me root canal specialist, who referred me to the Slavic oral surgeon. When you have a lot of cavities, it's embarrassing to open your mouth to anyone, much less to a decent looking stranger. Married or not, all women no matter how faithful they are in their minds and hearts, want every man they come into contact with to find them attractive. Or maybe that's just me.
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