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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Squirrel Town

This morning Ruby and I saw about 6 squirrels standing completely still in the middle of the street. I thought," Is this it? The squirrel uprising?" then I noticed a cat eyeing them from the curb, and they scattered. Not before Ruby could say
" We're going to squirrel town mommy?"
Since her musical debut with the song DooDoo Town, many other "towns" have been added to our life. There is Owie Town( where my pins and needles are kept) Robot Town ( the big power station down the street and Candy Town ( her grandmother's pantry)
What does it say about me that I would happily agree to get my tubes tied if I could be rewarded with a tree sloth as my pet( yes animal people, I know that they are wild creatures and they need to live in the jungle) But what about a rescued sloth? It doesn't even know how to live in the jungle anymore. It can live with me. I love their tiny flat faces and long arms. I want to hold one like a baby and take it everywhere I go in a sling.
Sadly, I don't know of any rescued sloths right now. But I can be persuaded (attention Jeff!) to stick with the one child if I get a tree sloth, or an orangutan, or even a little sugar glider.
One of my customers is completely inspiring me to wear heels and makeup everywhere I go. I normally don't get dolled up in anything unless it goes with flip flops, but I am seriously considering becoming just like my customer, Mary. Everywhere she goes, she looks like she just came from the stylist. We saw her randomly one day in the mall, there she was in heels and her glossy, Snow White looking black hair, and when she left my mom's friend said, "Is she famous?"
She is a little famous, but I think it's more than that, we are all little girls playing dress up on some level.In Austin, where shorts are the norm for formal attire, people stare at you if you're too dressed up." where are YOU going?" they ask you. It's a very casual town.If she were only pretty and stylish, it would be a different matter entirely. But she's hilarious, and down to earth, she has that grace of someone who could be comfortable telling a joke at the White house or a barbeque shack. I think it is this quality I admore most.
I told this to my friend Carli, about how inspired I am to BE this woman,
Carli--" I am sick of hearing about her.Talk about something else." But after she saw the picture, even she became a little Single White Female about this woman.
I think it's funny how I can still feel like a 14 year old looking at the senior girl and wanting to BE her, even though I am 33.Am I ever going to feel like a real grownup?
I am doing the wedding dress for the girl who does her lash extensions. We had a long talk about how we want to be Mary. Now, of course, I am going to get lash extensions, because Mary does it.
Perhaps I should suggest that she balance her checkbook or clean her house in front of me, because then I would be inspired to do those things.
I wonder who Mary looks up to like that?
(Oh my God----Maybe it's me!)


  1. I just got wind of this blog. I've actually known the "style guru" you speak of since high school. She was always like this, on a much smaller scale of course. She was even voted "best dressed" her senior year (Go figure, right? And she had a mean drill team high kick too!)I too admire her posh style...glamour girl that she is. She's the same person today - with that down to earth personality, and dry humor wit, that she was way back then. She's "real" and, of course, "real fabulous!"

    Oh yeah, and she's got me desperately searching for a good eyelash extension salon too!

    (Love ya Mary!)

    Hollie P.

  2. Reminds me of a story my amazing Daughter once told:
    I imagine a rare and exquisitely beautiful Butterfly flying elegant and graceful patterns through the cosmos. Admired by all that can see her. She looks down, herself admiring a beautifully patterned caterpillar far below on a branch in the sun. Why can't I be like that caterpillar she longingly says to herself.
    A giant raven suddenly appears and says: Hey dumb ass - Don't you know that NO ONE can admire another unless they have what they admire already inside of themselves? He proceeds to snatch up the beautiful butterfly and swoops down toward the branch and the caterpillar. I sure get a lot of good meals like like this. Yum!
    I call this story "Mr Smart Ass Raven goes to Gobble Town".
    For me - I've always wanted to be me, but each time I became me; I had changed and I would have to try to catch up to me again. Gets old. . . .

  3. Man, I want to go to Squirrel Town! My dogs would FREAK OUT! I don't have a "Mary", but I do often tell myself, "I'm going to start dressing up. I know what style is, I know what styles I love; I'm going to start dressing like that. I will shower daily & do my hair & make up before leaving the house for any reason." HA! Yeah fucking right. My poor boyfriend. He's probably sick of my silly ensembles involving his t-shirts.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that I chose you as one of the 10 to receive The Lemonade Award because I love your attitude & I think you are hilarious! Check out my blog to see what that's all about. Have a great day! :)


  4. It's always comforting to know that the people I consider "the ones to aspire to be like" have people THEY aspire to be like... people they'd like to emulate. Just this morning one of my pedestal people declared that she feels inadequate and wishes she were more like others sometimes... It's good. People are real. We are all real, and we all fail and succeed and try to hard and not enough... and should wear lipstick. :P

  5. Is that Mary in the red dress or is that you? whoever she is she looks amazing

  6. Oh my god! I want to be Mary too! She had the most fabulous bag last week and then she volunteered to help me with a book proposal when my friend and I are ready with our project. Reminds me-- I need to email her back. Cool, glamorous, and the bag!